Décor Ideas for the Perfect Contemporary Wedding

Planning your wedding can be a chaotic process. Numerous aspects need personal attention, and on top of all that, you must do everything within a budget. In this post, we have a few décor ideas for couples on a budget. Dressing your wedding venue doesn’t get better than this!

  1. Drape the ceilings. Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, adding some fabric on the top can make a big difference. You can play with breezy materials like georgette and chiffon in the colors that match your wedding theme. If you are looking for something more classic, go for white drapes that look dramatic and subtle at the same time.
  1. Hang the flowers. Floral arrangements at wedding venue can add a lot of drama to the proceedings. Most people would have the flowers on the walls and tables, but a better idea is to hang your floral arrangements from the ceiling. You can create a garden effect right over the head, and this doesn’t have to be expensive, at all. Adding unique dry flowers on each table is also a good idea.
  1. Opt for personalized table décor. Just in case you are planning a small wedding with limited guests, you can arrange every table with a personalized approach. Go for handwritten notes, special name plates or even floral arrangements that can instantly impress your special guests. Table décor needs to be straightforward and effective, so don’t crowd the space with too many things.
  1. Add some pendant lights. Lighting at a wedding venue doesn’t always have to be flashy. You can play it easy and subtle with mood lights. Pendant lamps are great if the space permits, because you can add light where it’s needed, without going for bigger chandeliers. Rice lights and small bulbs in a series can be used for different outdoor areas.
  1. Play with candles. Nice smelling candles can be a fantastic addition to tables and other spaces at the wedding venue. Make sure that the candles are placed in cute and decorative holders, which are easy to find online. If you can find classic candelabras, you can add one to every possible surface in the room.
  1. Go for wedding sparklers. Always wanted a dreamy wedding sequence? Well, you can add some wedding sparklers, especially when you are exiting the room with your spouse. Sparklers don’t have to expensive, and yet, these are designed to add drama and style to classic ceremonies. You can check SparklersOnline.com for a few options.
  1. Invest in colored glassware. Glassware is an important part of table décor, and instead of the classic transparent options, you can select colored designs, which often look more regal and appealing. You can talk to your wedding planner, who can help in creating a theme that incorporates all or some of the ideas mentioned above.

Planning things will be much easier and simpler, if you consider the smaller elements in advance. Take help where needed, especially from planning services and your special day will remain etched in your memories forever!

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